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Attractions Around Accommodation On Mornington Peninsula

24 September 2012, Posted by Tony Sheer

Whilst the choice of accommodation on Mornington Peninsula is the perfect choice for your next holiday, the next step in devising some sort of plan will be choosing which activities and attractions are best suited for keeping your family entertained for the duration of your stay.

  • Culinary: there are a number of activities and attractions on the Peninsula that can delight your taste buds. Why not visit one of the cherry or strawberry farms in the area where the kids can pick their own fruit? Or, for bigger kids, visit one of the wineries or breweries for a tour and perhaps a taste or two.
  • Outdoor: if the aim of your holiday is to get the kids outdoors for once, you’re in luck when choosing to stay on the Peninsula. Whilst golf is a popular pastime for bigger kids, smaller ones will enjoy swimming and building sandcastles on the beach. You could even look into one of the dolphin swims or walks in the area.
  • Historical: just because you are on holiday doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the history of the Mornington Peninsula area. Take the kids to the Cape Schanck Lighthouse where they can experience some of our state’s maritime history for themselves with a tour of the lighthouse itself and the accompanying museum.
  • Flora and Fauna: there is abundance of our most spectacular plant and wildlife on the Peninsula, so why not visit one of the many national parks in the area or even the Mushroom Reef Marine Sanctuary to observe the natural habitat.

The choice of accommodation on Mornington Peninsula is one that can entertain the family for days on end, providing that you are well aware of all the attractions and activities that the area has to offer.


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