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Good Choices for Mornington Peninsula Camping Accommodation

30 July 2012, Posted by Tony Sheer

Are you in need of a fun and refreshing family holiday that won't break the bank? A camping trip in an amazing location could be the perfect option for you! There are heaps of different choices for families and other holidaymakers by the ocean, whether you are after a luxury experience or a more rough and ready camping adventure.

If you are a first time camper, you might prefer to camp close to one of the many attractions of this popular holiday spot to ensure you are not stuck for supplies or shelter overnight. There are many motels on the Mornington Peninsula that provide comfortable last minute accommodation for overwhelmed campers.

Of course, sleeping in a tent isn't the only option for camping enthusiasts. There are many caravan parks in various picturesque locations on the Victorian coast, some centred around holiday parks with many amenities and attractions and others in more isolated situations. If you already have a caravan, the parks of the Mornington Peninsula are probably high on your accommodation list, but if you don't you might consider hiring one to travel in style.

Before choosing a camping site you should learn to decipher the various signs and symbols associated with the rules, regulations and guidelines of Victoria's parks. Some of the common signs you should look out for are: the disabled access symbol, no pets allowed sign, recommended walking trails and swimming allowed signs. These signs are put up for the safety of campers and for the preservation of the natural environment and should be adhered to when looking for a place to stay in our beautiful and wild landscape.

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