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Iconic Lighthouses In Australia Part 2

21 December 2011, Posted by Tony Sheer

Here in Australia, we are lucky enough to have access to some of the most beautiful and historic lighthouses in the world, dotted all around out coastline for miles. When you and your family are next visiting the beach, why not find out where the nearest lighthouse in Australia is and discover the beauty for yourself?

Sandy Cape Lighthouse – Queensland
This lightstation was constructed on Fraser Island after nearby Breaksea Spit wrecked over 20 vessels. The region was notoriously dangerous, with even Captain Cook’s venture almost being cut short after tackling the waves. Finished in 1870, this lighthouse in Australia stands at 26 metres tall and an amazing 116 metres above sea level. The only way to access Fraser Island is via barge.

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse – Western Australia
Constructed on the southern most westerly tip of the country, this lightstation is located where the Indian and Southern Oceans meet. The nearest town is Augusta, which is still a fair drive away, and consists of 7 floors and 186 steps. Built in 1896, this lighthouse in Australia stands at 39 metres tall and 56 metres above sea level.

Point Charles Lighthouse – Northern Territory
The oldest lightstation in Australia’s Northern Territory, this lightstation is located on the northern end of the Cox Peninsula and only 21km from Darwin. It was built due to the port being difficult to navigate thanks to shallow waters and swift currents. Built in 1893, this lighthouse in Australia stands at 32 metres tall and 39 metres above sea level.

Thankfully, most of the iconic lighthouses in Australia have been well cared for by heritage and state government organizations. This has allowed tourists to view Australian lightstations in all their original glory.

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