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Iconic Lighthouses In Australia Part 3

12 January 2012, Posted by Tony Sheer

In Australia, we are lucky enough to be surrounded by some of beautiful and historic lighthouses – you don’t have to look far along the coastline to find many nearby to you. When next holidaying near the beach, why not take the chance to visit one of the most iconic lighthouses in Australia and become part of our maritime story?

Cape Byron Lighthouse – New South Wales

Holding the titles of being the most easterly and most powerful lighthouse in Australia, the Cape Byron Lightstation can be found only 3km drive from Byron Bay. Built in 1901, this Australian lighstation stands at 18 metres tall and 118 metres above sea level.

Cape Don Lighthouse – Northern Territory

Located on the Cobourg Peninsula, the Cape Don Lightstation was the fruit of 2 years hard work, finally opening in 1917 only to be hit by an earthquake. After being built to light one of the passages to Darwin, this lighthouse in Australia is a whopping 36 metres tall and sits at 50 metres above sea level.

Cape Otway Lighthouse – Victoria

The oldest operational lightstation on the mainland with unbroken service (at least, until it was decommissioned in 1994), the Cape Otway Lightstation lights the gap between King Island and Cape Otway – known as ‘the eye of the needle’. Built in 1848, this lighthouse in Australia stands at 20 metres high and 91 metres above sea level.

Cape Capricorn Lighthouse – Queensland
The third of its kind to be built on the site, the Cape Capricorn Lightstation proceeds ones built in 1875 and 1936. It is located on Curtis Island, 24km north of Gladstone, a town off the central coast. Built in 1964, this lighthouse in Australia stands at 7 metres high and an impressive 94 metres above sea level, and is now only accessible by boat or plane.

Fortunately, most Australian lighthouses have had their care turned over to heritage and government groups, allowing tourists the world over to view them in all their former glory.


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