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Why Lighthouses Australia Are Such Attractions

08 December 2011, Posted by Tony Sheer

Chances are that we have been to see at least one lighthouse on a holiday expedition to the coast at some stage in our lives. But why is this? Why have lighthouses Australia wide become such tourist attractions? The reasons will differ from person to person, but the fact remains that Australia’s lighthouses have managed to capture the attention of many tourists.

For many, the cultural and historical significance is enough of a lure to visit lighthouses Australia wide. Many of these stations were constructed up to 200 years ago, making them a popular attraction for those people interested in maritime history and Australia’s history in general. If you come from a seafaring family, you may be interested in the kind of lives your ancestors may have led.

Artists and photographers are also popular tourists to lighthouses Australia wide, as the buildings are undeniably beautiful in a rugged abandoned sort of way. Many paintings, drawings and photographs have been taken of Australia’s lighthouses and incorporated into exhibitions as well as people’s own private collections.

Lighthouses Australia wide are also known to offer spectacular views of the ocean on one side and of the rugged coastline on the other. For many people, the long trek up the spiral staircase to the top of a lighthouse is worth it for the view you receive at the end.

Many children love lighthouses because of the danger and excitement that they have come to associate with them. Most children will have heard stories of smugglers or shipwrecks and a visit to a lighthouse Australia wide is a way of bringing these stories to life for them.

These reasons will ring true for most people, and this is why you have probably visited a lighthouse Australia in the past. If you haven’t been to see one up close before, why not take a holiday to one of Australia’s 350 light stations and discover the magic for yourself.


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