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Iconic Lighthouses In Australia Part 2

Posted by Tony Sheer on Dec 21, 2011

Here in Australia, we are lucky enough to have access to some of the most beautiful and historic lighthouses in the world, dotted all around out coastline for miles. When you and your family are next visiting the beach, why not find out where the nearest lighthouse in Australia is and discover the beauty for yourself?

Iconic Lighthouses In Australia Part 1

Posted by Tony Sheer on Dec 13, 2011

Australia is home to some historic and beautiful lighthouses; tourists will find many dotted along the coast in all states. On your next beach holiday, why not take an afternoon to visit some of the most iconic lighthouses in Australia and discover a part of our history?

Why Lighthouses Australia Are Such Attractions

Posted by Tony Sheer on Dec 08, 2011

Chances are that we have been to see at least one lighthouse on a holiday expedition to the coast at some stage in our lives. But why is this? Why have lighthouses Australia wide become such tourist attractions?