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Why Summer Is The Best Time Of Year To Choose Accommodation In Merricks

02 January 2013, Posted by Tony Sheer

With the kids already off on holidays and most adults starting to finish off their work years, many families are beginning to look at ways that they can spend their holidays.

Choose Accommodation In Flinders For A Relaxing Holiday

11 December 2012, Posted by Tony Sheer

As the year draws to a close, most couples and families are deciding how to best spend the upcoming break. If you have been bowing under the stresses of work and life in general

Choose Accommodation In Merricks For A Relaxing Holiday

22 November 2012, Posted by Tony Sheer

Have you been feeling the stresses of work and life in general more than you usually do? Can you even remember the last time you took some time out and did something for you? If you answered yes to the first question and no to the second, it’s about time that you took that relaxing holiday you deserve

Why Should You Choose The Capeschanck Lighthouse For Your Next Holiday?

19 November 2012, Posted by Tony Sheer

If you are in the process of booking in a holiday over the upcoming summer holidays, the Capeschanck Lighthouse is definitely a location that you should consider.

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