Lighthouse & Museum Tours

Guided Tour up into the lighthouse and out onto the balcony.

Adults $16.00 Child (5 to 16 yrs) $10 Family Ticket $42.00.

Meet at the Kiosk in the Car Park. Tours between and every day. Summer months hours are extended.
Included in the tour is entry into the Museum. Two excellent viewing platforms of Bass Strait, Whale spotting during the migration season. BBQ area and picnic tables are on site

A personal guide will take you up into the fully operational Lighthouse into the Lamproom and explain the workings and History in approximately a 20 minute tour, this includes a viewing out on the balcony.

There are very few Lighthouse left operating in Australia that still have all the workings still in place and with the original Lens still shining its full distance.

The museum is expanding all the time and is very informative with a listing of the many ship wrecks and stories from the descendants of the early lighthouse keeper families. For those who cannot climb the lighthouse steps into the Lamp room we have the photos for you to view in the Museum.

The Museum has a working light on display. See and hear about the oldest and highest lighthouse in the world plus details on all the lighthouse keepers.