What Is Antenna Mounting

Based on the type of antenna and the location selected, there are many options for mounting antennas. Following are some common antenna mounting options:


Indoor Antennas

This option is the easiest to install. Small directional antennas, simple rabbit ear antennas with or without amplifier,s and flat panel antennas are some choices of antenna you have. They are placed next to the television set and is oriented towards the television station transmitter sites.


Wall mounts

They come with wall mount brackets. You have to space the brackets as far apart as possible when installing it. Usually, the further apart the brackets are placed, the stronger will be the installation.


Roof mounts

A tripod and a base mount are two basic types of roof mounts. Tripods are more expensive than base mounts as they were more rigid and stronger than base mounts. A base mount holds the mast at only one point and perfects if you have limited space.


Chimney mounts

Even though chimney mounts are frequently used, they are not the best option for some cases. They are quite easy to install. But gases and smoke from the chimney can impair its performance and shorten its life. The chimney needs to be vertical and sturdy to support the antenna. An unguyed mast taller than ten feet during high to moderate winds can break off an unstable chimney. So, when using this type of antenna and antenna mounting option make sure that the antenna is not more than ten feet above the top of the chimney.


Attic installation

In areas where strong signals are present, an attic installation will work wonders. This type of antenna mounting is the fastest and easiest. It is also the most economical as well. If there is limited space in the attic then you can either go for an omnidirectional antenna or directional antenna.

Mounting from the Ground

If you do not want to mount the antenna on the roof, then you can go for mounting from the ground. It comes with a firm base support and a few even onto brick wall mount brackets. They happen to be sturdy and long lasting, and in many cases, you do not require guy wires.


These were some common antenna mounting options. If you have any difficulties understanding how to mount the antenna, it is best to take help from professionals.